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Fundamentals of Public Finance & Public Economics


by Om Prakash & Meenu Soni

ISBN 9789391247225
1 Edition, 2022
224-viii Pages

For students of Economics of various Indian Colleges & Universities adopting NEP & CBCS Pattern.

“Fundamentals of Public Finance and Public Economics” is an outcome of “Essentials of Public Finance and Public Economics”, which is meant for students of Economics.  The topics covered in this book are Nature and Scope of Public Finance, Market failure and Role of Government, Private Goods, Public Goods and Externalities. More topics are relating to Sources of Public Revenue, Structure of Taxation : General Considerations, Principles of Taxation, Classification or Types of Taxes and Analysis of Individual Taxes : Direct and Indirect. Goods and Services Tax Historic Tax Reform in Indirect Taxes (GST). Furthermore, this book covers the topics like Public Budget, Fiscal Policy, Public Debt, Federal Finance, Centre State Financial Relations, State Finances in India and Local Government Finance.

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