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Organic Chemistry–III


by G.D. Gem Mathew & P.R. Ramachandran


ISBN 9789387015647
6 Edition, 2022
224-xii Pages


For students of Chemistry of M.G. University, Kottayam as well as for other Indian Colleges & Universities adopting CBCSS Pattern.

‘Organic Chemistry – III’ caters to the needs of the students of B.Sc. Degree Programmes. The aim of this book is to give the students a thorough knowledge about the mechanism of reactions of some selected functional groups in organic compounds and also to give an outline of applied organic chemistry and the applications of organic chemistry in various spheres of chemical sciences. The objectives of the course are : (1) To learn the chemistry of nitro compounds amines, diazonium salts and heterocyclic compounds. (2) To understand and study mechanism of reactions of nitro compounds, amines and diazonium salts. (3) To study the preparation, reactions and synthetic uses of heterocyclic compounds and active methylene compounds. (4) To have an elementary idea of carbohydrates, drugs, dyes and polymers.

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