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Physical Chemistry-IV


by Thomas V. Mathew


ISBN 9789389292169
2 Edition, 2023
300-iv Pages


For students of Chemistry of M.G. University, Kottayam as well as for other Indian Colleges & Universities adopting CBCSS Pattern.

Physical Chemistry–IV (Solutions, Electrochemistry, Photochemistry and Group Theory) is a textbook based on course curriculum of B.Sc. Chemistry students.  The book is divided into five units. Unit-I focuses on solutions and partial molar quantities and colligative properties, Unit-II deals with electric conductance, ionic mobility, transference number, theories of electrolyte solutions and applications of conductance. Unit-III deals with emf, applications of potentiometric titrations and corrosion.  Unit–IV presents laws of photochemistry and photochemical reactions. Unit–V discusses the introduction to group theory with the help of some simple molecules. Each unit contains lots of solved problems as well as exercises.

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